Open every day, incl. bank holidays

Washing machines

We have modern machines in various sizes with washes from just 20 minutes with a digital display showing the time remaining. With their large drums and powerful motors, they'll leave your washing well spun and ready for the dryers, without wasting money on trying to dry overly wet washing.

Large dryers

We have 11 large dryers and an extra large dryer for really huge loads. These are all modern gas-heated dryers and are much faster than a home dryer. An average load is dry in 20 mins. Unlike some other launderettes, our dryers have not had the temperature turned down, so you can be assured of fast and efficient drying.

Payment system

Our machines accept payment by coin or bank card, directly from your mobile or on our touchscreen. No card fees, no need to bring change with you, no app to download and no registration necessary... just pay directly on our payment website. The system can even email you a receipt and send a text to let you know when your machine is nearly finished.


Open 7am, every day.

Last wash in by 6pm.


Attended Tue, Thu & Sat

3:00 - 4:00


You’ll find us at 236 Kingsway, St. George, BS5 8NS – just behind Sainsbury’s. We've a large, free car park next to the shop. 


We close at 6pm, if empty, or when the last customer leaves. Machines accept coins (10p to £2) and card / mobile.


In addition to self-service, we offer full service wash, ironing and dry-cleaning (minimums apply), in-store (when attended) and via collection/delivery to your door. The shop is attended, at the above times, to allow people to drop off and collect their service washes, etc. 


Click for service washes, ironing, etc.


While you wait, we offer free Wi-Fi & charge points for customers as well as magazines and books to read. Customers are encouraged to bring any books they no longer need and put with the others on the shelf. Thanks.



To make payments for the machines on your phone, please use


For further information and instructions on how to use our machines, please click here


7Kg washers – average domestic load.

10Kg washers – significantly bigger, good for single duvets or thin double duvets, etc.

18Kg washers – for very large loads, large duvets, sports kits, etc.


11 large dryers – for up to 13Kg

1 extra large dryer – for up to 22Kg


Contact us:

Phone:  0117 9600 220 0117 9600 220  

If no-one is available, please leave a message with your contact number.

Phone manned Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm. Emergencies only outside these hours.


As a modern business we strive to be environmetally responsible and ultimately aim for carbon neutrality. Please use re-usable bags and reduce, re-use and recycle all packaging where possible. For further info, see our page detailing our eco credentials.


We take your privacy and GDPR regs seriously. Click here for our privacy policy.


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