As a modern business we strive to be environmentally responsible and ultimately aim for carbon neutrality.


Throughout our business premises, we use only LED lighting and pay extra to ensure our electricity is effectively sourced from only renewable sources while our machines have been programmed to be very efficient with both water and power. 


We have solar panels on the roof providing electricity and further helping with our carbon footprint. Our deliveries are carried out using only fully electric vehicles, charged using the same renewable electricity and we try to send all invoices by email, avoiding paper completely and deal only with other environmentally responsible businesses.


And we're not stopping there. We will soon be installing a state-of-the-art air-source heat pump system, using multiple pumps scavenging hot air leaving our dryers, as well as the surrounding air, which is then compressed and used to heat up the water for the washing machines. Sourcing and using heat like this uses the least energy, releases far less carbon and is rated as having an efficiency of 400%.


With respect to other environmental issues, we use only bio-degradable or reusable materials for our packaging and ask our customers to use reusable bags, where possible. We recycle carboard, plastics, etc. and take our responsibilities very seriously so if you have any further suggestions or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


We are extremely grateful for the huge support and guidance given by the West of England Combined Authority who have been instrumental in our recent carbon improvements incl. solar panels and air-source water heating. Without their help and financial grant, partially via EU funding, we wouldn't have been able to transform our business and improve its carbon footprint so dramatically.


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